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I hear Music CD CoverDriving rhythms, searing vocals, and soulful interpretations of classic vocal jazz standards are what makes Meegan Coleman’s debut release “I Hear Music” a significant listening experience.

Capturing the essence of Carmen McRae, Nancy Wilson, and Sarah Vaughan, “I Hear Music” gives its audience the full gamut of emotions; from innocent love to crushing heartbreak to blissful elation, Coleman delivers performances that are both poignant and compassionate.

Her welcoming sound is like a warm blanket that envelopes you on a cold winter’s night. However, her unabashed execution on tracks like “Chega De Saudade” ignites the swinging fire within.

Supported by some of the most skilled jazz musicians in the New York City area, Coleman achieves the goal of combining exceptional musicianship with sincere delivery. She succeeds at linking the uncomplicated feel of old style vocal jazz with an innovative modern style, sure to please generations of old and new alike.

Here is an album that elevates this genre to a new level, adorned with scat solos, invigorating embellishments, and unexpected treatments. This is the album that is a source for the boldness of new jazz vocalists celebrating the genius of timeless performers.
This is the musical luminosity of New York’s Meegan Samantha Coleman.




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